Cheshta I love being an entrepreneur; it’s an incredible experience… but it isn’t always easy. An adventure? Definitely.

Since childhood I have been listening to my mom’s stories of adventures and superhero- adventure of Tintin being my favorite one ! Even the decent 3-d animation film of Tintin was good one. Listening such stories or watching superhero movies, I used to wonder how can I be one ! I know most people believe that they are mere stories for entertainment. But recently while thinking for writing for my blog, I discovered adventures of being an entrepreneur!

Like any superhero, an entrepreneur believes in community good on long term basis. He has the power to risk everything to get to his destination.With good human resource management, he gains infinite power to be huge and widespread.He have god power to look and anticipate the future.When everything goes down, he is the one who remain optimistic.

My blog celebrates such adventures of entrepreneur! Happy Reading!

Image Credit :My sweet husband Kirtiman Sharma

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